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Shalom Trio has been sweeping the South Florida entertainment market like a cool wave of musical refreshment. From Israeli/Jewish Folk and Jazz to Dance and Rock, this exciting trio has a musical range as diverse as their personal interests and attributes. Shalom Trio’s performances and activities have been covered by the Miami Herald, featured for its spectacular performance at South Florida’s grandest celebration of Israel’s 50th Anniversary. Their performances have been covered in the Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel, including the front page during Israel’s 50’s Anniversary.

Shalom Trio has been invited to perform at numerous prestigious and sensational events throughout the state of Florida, not only among Jewish but traditional American circles as well. This again, is a testament to the rich variety, grand presence and thrilling talents of the members of Shalom Trio.

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UZI NIZRI Musical Director, Keyboards
The younger half of the Nizri brothers Uzi has studied among legendary keyboard artists, both in Israel andUnited States. From Harlem, to New Orleans to here in South Florida, this artist has paid his dues on the road in “School of Hard Knox” honing his musical talents playing alongside Jazz and Funk gurus.
RONIT GAENOSAR Lead Singer, Percussionist
This vocalist is a native of the progressive,cosmopolitan city of Eilat in Israel. After performing throughout Israel as a local artist, Ronit joined a dance troupe and headed North to Europe, performing in both capacities (singer/dancer) before heading of the united states. She has represented the State of Israel at a number of formal international affairs providing the highest level of entertainment and professionalism. Ronit is an authentic, exotic daughter of Israel and adds a spectacular flair of passion to the fire that fuels Shalom Trio. She has preformed among “famous name” artist and musicians and also a veteran of Israeli
army band.
DAVID NIZRI Percussions/Drums
The other half of Nizri brothers, David has been touted as being among the foremost drummer in Israel. He has preformed on the recordings of some of the most prolific artist in the nation, playing to audiences of over 100,000 in some of the largest stadiums in Israel and the Mediterranean. He has studied among the great musicians, particularly percussionists, in Israel and here in the United States. David has preformed across the United States and raked up critical acclaim for his performance with differences renowned acts in fusion and Hard Rock. Shalom Trio boasts of its fortune in having David Nizri, one of most notable drummers in the Mediterranean region, and soon, here in the U.S., as its permanent drummer.




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